If you’re looking to organically increase your followers on Twitter, Power Social is for you. Power Social is a reputable, genuine entity, whose professionalism and attentiveness make them easy to trust. The account manager for @CanSportBetting’s account responds to all queries and concerns in a timely manner. Power Social has helped grow @CanSportBetting exponentially in the few months since we signed up for the service. We’ve even added another Twitter handle to our Power Social account. I highly recommend using Power Social to naturally grow your Twitter followers’ base.
Gary Pearson

Founder, USA

While it can be a bit unsettling to engage with a company solely online, the personalized service I’ve experienced has been above and beyond my expectation. Their ability to respond, most especially Jason, has made me feel my account is well taken care of. 
Linda Buchner

Founder, USA

My company’s engagement on Twitter has increased exponentially since signing up with Power Social.

Jenell M.

Director of Marketing, USA

The team at Power Social developed a strategy tailored to our company to get results and high quality followers within our target demographic.

Jacob H.

Advertising and Marketing, UK

We have a great account manager pays great attention to detail, is easy to communicate with and seems dedicated to getting us results.

Jose B.

Business Owner, Peru

After a month of increased connections and followers through LinkedIn, my profile now ranks in the top percentage of my peers.

Graciela H.

Human Resources Director, Canada

We have more re-pins, likes and followers on our Pinterest page in the first month with Power Social than in the previous six months.

Ray C.

Board of Directors, USA

Expanding our reach on social media through a growing Instagram account has helped expose our services to a broader audience.

Lennie M.

Business Co-Owner, Ireland

The increase in our Twitter followers also boosted our site traffic more than double what we had the month before.

Jason H.

Business Co-Owner, Canada

With the exposure we’ve gotten through the increase in followers, we’ve tracked a rise in web traffic, subscribers and overall customer satisfaction.

Bill C.

Regional Manager, USA

My Instagram account went from 15 followers to more than 10,000 after 6 months of working with Power Social.

Diane R.

Head of Marketing, USA

We were able to share more of our content to a larger audience thanks to the rapid growth of our Pinterest page.

Faith D.

Business Owner, USA

Thanks to the strategies in place, the growth of my LinkedIn profile generated more connections that helped spread the foundation’s goals.

Diedre B.

Founder, UK

Within a couple of months of signing up with Power Social, we saw an increase in followers and a 25% boost in website traffic.

Samantha B.

Customer Outreach, Canada

With the help of Power Social, we were able to concentrate on developing a solid marketing campaign while they help increase our social media presence.

Jessie F.

VP of Marketing, USA

The account manager we were assigned helped grow our various social media accounts with active users within our target demographic.

Lorie M.

Founder, France

We provided the demographics to Power Social, and they helped us grow with followers every single week.

David B.

Director of Media and Marketing, USA

Our account manager helped make connections through our Twitter page that were responsible for increasing our blog subscriptions.

Michael M.

Managing Editor, USA

Overall social engagement increased by 35% once the company’s Pinterest page had a steady stream of new followers.

Michael L.

Small Business Owner, UK

We were able to reach a much wider range of our target audience with the growth of our Instagram account.

Javier D.

CEO, Mexico

Without breaking the bank, the social media plan increased the store’s Twitter presence and helped bring in more foot traffic

Mark T.

Business Owner, Australia

Within the first couple weeks, our Twitter followers increased by more than 50% than what we had.

Frank J.

Marketing Director, Canada

We watched our Pinterest followers grow from single to triple digits in a matter of a week.

Doris M.

Business Owner, USA

After enlisting Power Social’s help, I am getting between 100-300 new LinkedIn connections every month.

Christina M.

Head of Human Resources, New Zealand

We saw a very rapid growth in both followers and website traffic within days of signing up with Power Social.

Kyle T.

Community Director, Canada

Our global connections, across all social media, reached an all-time high after joining Power Social.

Alex B.

Head of Marketing, UK

Thanks to Power Social, the followers that I connected with were the exact demographic I needed to grow my online business.

Joan G.

Online Merchant, Canada

Daily attention to our Twitter account helped to keep our followers around and drive more people to our website.

Nelda W.

Business Owner, USA

My social media presence went from barely 100 followers to over 5,000 in very short amount of time.

Marietta C.

Advertising Manager, Canada

Our Instagram account tripled in followers and likes within weeks of Power Social managing it.

Gerald W.

Head of Marketing, Canada

We were able to increase our targeted audience thanks to a big growth in our Instagram followers.

Thurman G.

Community Outreach Coordinator, USA

As our Instagram followers grew, we started to see a solid increase in our site traffic aswell. 

Marco T.

Marketing Director, Mexico

Through a series of promoted pins and new followers on our Pinterest page, we’ve seen at 15% increase in revenue in just a couple weeks.

Kyle A.

Regional Sales Manager, Canada

My LinkedIn profile views went from a just a few to nearly three hundred in just a few weeks.

Whitney M.

Marketing Director, USA

After signing up with Power Social, my social media accounts grew from double digit numbers, well into the thousands.

Patricia M.

Journalist, UK

Thanks to the growth and exposure of my LinkedIn profile, I was able to increase my scope of employment opportunities.

Tanika V.

Computer Software Developer, USA

The growth of our Pinterest page helped boost our website traffic and increase the number of contacts for our newsletter.

Jeffrey P.

CEO, Panama

Our followers on Pinterest went from a couple hundred to nearly two thousand in just a few months.

David M.

Content Manager, Australia

Our current social media campaign is already showing improvement after starting to work with Power Social!

Maranda T.

Marketing Director, UK

I’ve seen an enormous growth in connections and followers to my LinkedIn profile since joining up with Power Social.

Randy C.

Regional Sales Manager, USA

When our Pinterest followers grew, so did the amount of engagement we saw on the website and number of subscribers. Annette L.

Sales Manager, Australia

I had no idea such a boost in Instagram followers could help bring in more subscribers to our blog and online store.

Gloria R.

Content Manager, Switzerland

Our Twitter account has gained more than 9,000 new followers since we started with Power Social!

Kevin M.

Business Owner, Canada

The number of followers on my Instagram account went from 50 to nearly 900 within the first month of signing up.

Natalie T.

Business Owner , USA

We were able to share our latest product line to a large audience thanks to increased followers on Pinterest.

Belle N.

Business Owner, Australia

The spring apparel line in our store tripled in views online because of our growth on Pinterest.

Ruby C.

District Manager, UK

As my connections grew on LinkedIn, so did the number of possible employment opportunities I’ve been hoping for.

Tomas F.

Freelance Designer, Norway

Our account manager was diligent with our social media accounts and helped them gain new followers every day.

Harry B.

Business Owner, South Africa

The weekly reports provided by Power Social were a huge help in allowing us to discover a brand-new target audience. Katherine S.

Online Content Manager, UK

Growing our Pinterest page has increased the number of new customers who have made purchases in the online store

Alton G.

Business Owner, USA