Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to set up my plan once I sign up?

Once you sign up on our website you will receive a few welcome emails and some brief instructions to help us get started. The average setup up time is 1 to 2 days depending on how quickly you respond to our emails. Sometimes we can be up a running within a few hours but most times it takes 1 to 2 days max.


How does the free trial work?

When you sign up for a free trial, we will activate the plan for you and manage your accounts as if it were a fully paid plan for 15 days. During this time you will get the chance to experience working with our team and seeing for yourself the quality, type, and amount of followers we are able to gain for your account. You need to enter your credit card info to activate the plan but you will not be charged during the 15-day trial. If you wish to continue after the 15 days, you don’t need to do anything and your plan will be converted automatically into a paid plan on day 15. If you wish to cancel, then we ask you to write to us at least 2 days before the 15th day so that we can cancel the plan and make sure that you don’t get charged.

How many followers can I expect on my accounts each month?

Every social media account that we work on is different, which means the results differ slightly for each account, but we can give you a rough idea of the amount of followers you can expect to receive.

  • Twitter accounts, you can expect to receive between 250 to 1500 new followers per month.
  • Instagram accounts, you can expect to receive between 500 to 1500 new followers per month.
  • LinkedIn Personal accounts, you can expect to receive 100 to 200 new connections per month.

The work we do is a manual process each day and we need to adhere to the networks guidelines. This service works to get you real and targeted followers so the range of new followers that you can expect, can go up and down each month. We can guarantee that your account will receive a minimum of 250 new followers on Twitter & Instagram, although many of our clients are seeing results as high as 1000-2000 per month. 250 is the bare minimum that we guarantee but the goal is to get much higher. On LinkedIn personal accounts, we can guarantee that you will receive at least 100 new LinkedIn connections in a month from this service but most likely higher.


How does your guarantee work?

We offer a money back satisfaction guarantee on our service. If you aren’t happy at all for any reason during your first 30 days you can simply send us an email to cancel and ask for a refund. We will try to work with you to meet your needs but if for any reason we are not able to, we will send you a refund. We are happy to say that after managing over 1000 social media accounts in the past 3 years we have only had to process 3 refunds. We have nearly a 100% satisfaction rate.


Are the followers real? How am I assured that these are real and targeted followers I am getting?

We use a strict filtering process to make sure that we only connect you with real and active accounts, and that they are also actively posting on social media. We do not make connections with anyone who is inactive or who has a small number of followers unless you ask us to for some reason. We always look for the best quality people to meet the guidelines that you give us.


How does the billing work and how do I make payments each month?

Our plans are month to month and will automatically renew on the same day each month after the 15-day free trial. We currently accept payment by credit cards, that are supported in your region. Visa, Mastercard, and Amercian Express.


How can I pause or cancel my plan if needed?

If you want to cancel or pause the service you can simply write us at We ask you kindly to give us at least 48 hours notice before the renewal date of your plan.


Do you guys have phone support?

Yes, we offer live phone support if needed. Usually, we can respond to your email request within 1 to 2 hours but if you prefer to speak to someone by phone, you can request a call through our contact form on the website and we will get in touch to set up a call.


Do you have any larger plans for more social media accounts?

Yes we do, and if you write to us through our contact form you can request volume pricing. Whether you are an agency, a freelancer, a consultant, or just have a high volume of accounts, we are able to assist you.

Why don't you have Facebook growth as an option?

Unfortunately, our strategies do not work for Facebook because Facebook is now a paid advertising platform. The only way to grow your likes and followers on Facebook is through paid ads and boosting your page directly on the network. Our service provides organically gained followers by interacting and following others and this process does not work for Facebook the same way it does on the other networks.


Do you post content to my pages?

Our service is solely focused on increasing followers on your social media accounts, and we do not post content to social media pages at this time.


Do you accept referrals or work with affiliates?

Yes, we have a reseller program and you can contact us through the contact form and ask for more information and pricing.


What is the best way to communicate with your team?

We generally communicate by email unless a call is needed. Our Support Team is available between the hours of 9am – 6pm CST. You can message us at any time by email:, and we will respond within 1 to 2 hours.


Where is your company located?

We are based out of Canada and all of the work we do on your account will come from our servers located in Canada.


What countries do you offer this service? And how effective is it for countries outside Canada and the USA?

We don’t have any geographic restrictions and our service is available worldwide. We can work on social media accounts in any county as long as your target market and people that you want to connect with are actually searchable and we can find them on social media. That being said, if you are in a very small town or very small country and want to connect only with people in your area, we suggest that you write to us first to see what kind of results are possible. If you don’t have any geographical restrictions or the people you want to target are in or near a major city, then our service will generally be a good fit for you.