LinkedIn have created a new infographic which outlines the core elements of an effective LinkedIn profile – and there was one note in their introduction for the new graphic that stood out:

“Building a robust profile is easier than you think. Start with your photo, position, industry and education- this makes it easier for your professional network and recruiters to find you. Make finishing touches by adding your location, skills and a summary. Not sure what to say in your summary? We’re making this simple for you by providing a suggested summary – all you need to do is personalize it.”

Did you get that last part? LinkedIn now has a ‘suggested summary’ option, one of the new features of their updated user interface.

There’s not a lot of available info on how this new option works, but some users have shared their auto-generated LinkedIn summaries on Twitter.

The system appears to have a set, automated format which it uses to piece together the data points of your profile. These examples don’t look great, though LinkedIn does note it’s just a starting point for customization. They’ll also likely evolve the tool over time.

The full LinkedIn ‘How to Build a Powerful LinkedIn Profile’ infographic is below, noting some great tips and stats to improve your page.

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