In your quest, as a marketer, to establish better knowledge of your target market, you’ve no doubt studied your consumers’ interests, demographics, and online habits. But do you ever think about how their brains work?

It turns out that neuroscience can come in very handy when putting together a marketing campaign – the next time you’re choosing whether your marketing campaign is better served by a collection of blogs posts, an infographic, or an online quiz, look no further than the human brain for your answer.

Our brains process different types of content in different ways, whether it’s written text, visual images, graphic animations, or interactive content. Did you know that it takes your brain about 1/10th of a second to interpret and understand visual content? Some types of content are faster for us to take in, while other types stick more easily in our memories.

This infographic dives into the science behind how the brain processes various forms of content. For marketers, this knowledge is key – understanding the way the brain engages with content can drive your decisions about what types of content to produce, depending on your campaign goals.

Check out the full infographic below to learn more about how marketers can look to the brain to choose the right type of content for campaign success.

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