So, you’re looking to build your network and connect with people who can further your career. LinkedIn’s professional focus makes it the perfect option for this type of outreach.

Here are some key tips and tricks that have helped me build my 30k+ LinkedIn network, which includes some of the top influencers in the world.

1. Professional Profile Headshot + Well Written Bio

This is absolutely key if you want to convince people that you’re worth connecting with.

Take the time to really think about what you want your profile to say – I absolutely cringe when I see people saying things like “currently looking for work”.

Guess what? If you put that in your title description, more often than not, you simply look like nobody wants you. More than that, you’re also limiting your discoverability, as the title description is one of the key factors LinkedIn uses to align your profile with relevant on-platform search queries.

My advice: Just don’t do it – plain and simple.

In terms of your headshot, you need to spend the money on a digital passport photo at bare minimum. Always remember that you’re trying to portray a professional image – and first impressions are crucial. In order to succeed on LinkedIn, you need to come across as professional and trustworthy.

If you’re not confident that your profile best represents your talents and abilities, you could also consider hiring a professional CV writer, but at the least, you should take some time and look at other people’s bios for inspiration. Choose the top ten you like, pick them apart and use that as a guide for your approach.

Remember the entire world is looking at your profile. Taking the time to really polish and fine tune it will be worth the effort.

2. Connection Requests

Never send blank, generic connection requests. It’s lazy and just looks like you don’t care enough to spend a few seconds introducing yourself and letting the person know why you’d like to connect.

Where possible, you should spend some time researching the person before you message them in order to find a common ground – LinkedIn is actually working to make this easier with their new ‘Conversation Starters‘ prompts being rolled out as part of their latest re-fresh.

Also, compliments work. It’s simple, but it always helps to start a new relationship off on the right foot.

3. Connect Through People You Know Already

This one works great – by leveraging your existing network and getting them to introduce you to someone, those new connections often feel more obliged to connect because it’s someone they know introducing them.

This is an excellent way to get into the circle of trust. Don’t be shy, nobody in life is going to give you anything if you don’t ask for it.

4. Get Noticed

If the above tips don’t get you onto a specific person’s radar, then you’ll have to work extra hard.

How do you do this? You have to alternate means to get your name in front of them. This can be incredibly easy or incredibly hard, depending on how active the person you’re trying to connect with is on the platform.

  • Comment on their posts and updates
  • Follow them not only on LinkedIn, but on every social media platform you can find them on and look for engagement opportunities
  • Re-share, Like and retweet their posts their posts and updates. Done in a savvy way even the most influential people will sit up and take notice.

5. Have Others Shine A Light On You

Another way of leveraging your existing connections is to have people @ mention you and the person you want to connect with in social media posts in a complimentary way.

This takes some planning and social engineering but it can be done, and it can be another effective way to get you into someone’s sphere of awareness.

These five simple tips can help you build your network in the most incredible way. Soon you’ll find other influential people reaching out to you asking for you to connect them.

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