This is one mind-boggling question for entrepreneurs these days, and definitely a very important one. And why wouldn’t it be? With 310 million monthly active users, Twitter serves as a great platform for reaching a huge number of people. Alongside this, Twitter’s advertising revenue growth rate continues to climb each year, with 86 percent of its revenue accounted for by mobile. Little wonder, then, that it is one of the most sought after social media marketing platforms by businesses across the world!

However, the most challenging aspect of being in world of digital marketing is that there are no certain guidelines. The marketing trends change at lightning speed, which means that the ones relevant today might be redundant tomorrow. So how do you ensure better returns on your Twitter ads? If you are looking for relevant, cost-effective options, these practices can help you out:

Improve your quality score

First things first. Just like Facebook’s Ad Relevance Score, which measures the effect of ads, Twitter also has its own quality measuring score, sometimes referred to as ‘Quality Adjusted Bids’. Research by Larry Kim has shown that improving your quality scores on Twitter ads earns you a huge discount. In a recent webinar, Twitter revealed tweets with links receive 86 percent higher engagement rates than the ones that only contain text. It was also revealed that Tweets with images showed higher engagement rate compared to the ones without.

How to improve your quality score?

Use Twitter Cards: Obviously, users are automatically attracted to tweets that stand out more than others, and merely posting a tweet won’t help you attract the anticipated results. Using any one of the different types of Twitter cards will help you configure your ads to suit the interests and preferences of your target audience. Make sure to select the right campaign objective and use right meta tags on the pages they link to.

Prioritise your winners: Prioritise your tweets that are already doing well and promote those tweets which have organically gained more exposure rather than paying for promoting low engagement material.

Target right: In the world of digital marketing, you need to show your ads to the right audience in order to attain results. It is imperative to target those users who are genuinely interested in your products and services. It is also advised to target under 10,000 people for an ad. Other criteria to pick when targeting include location, gender, languages, devices, platforms and carriers, keywords, followers and their interests, tailored audiences, audience behaviours, TV targeting, and event targeting.

You need not use all of these, however. Keep it simple and focus on just the main elements. This will not only help you receive higher engagement but will also ensure that you are aware of what works and what doesn’t work well for your business.

Adjust your bid

If you are just starting out, bidding high will not give you much advantage. Spending more would be a waste of money, especially if you are still not sure of what works and what doesn’t work for your business. Setting up your daily budget of both minimum and maximum at 0.50 is a good option to start with. Avoid automatic bidding as it will make sure your budget is spent very quickly. Starting with anything less than $1 is a great way to test ads, analyse results, and then finally, scale the campaign. On the other hand, depending on the strength of your post, you may or may not get the expected cost per click. The key to high or even CPC is to keep the content fresh and engaging and practise specific targeting.

Use analytics

Twitter gives you the ability to check the performance of certain key words with the help of keyword-level analytics tools, which in turn helps you select the best relevant keywords for your campaign. As the Twitter blog states, “Try creating a campaign with a set of tightly themed keywords and starting a weekly optimization rhythm. After the first week, once you have enough data, view the engagement rate of each keyword.” Now, identified keywords with low engagement can be removed and new words can be added.

Applying these tips effectively can lead to a significant increase in your revenue. Advertising on Twitter can be profitable as the platform boasts a huge demographic, but the key lies in the effective application of strategies and the allocation of time to test with the platform.

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